Ideology of Sultan ul Faqr

A seminar on “Ideology of Sultan ul Faqr” organized by the Islahi Jamaat & Aalmi Tanzeem ul Aarifeen, presided by the Chairman Islahee Jamaat & Aalmi Tanzeem ul Arifeen Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Ali.

In the Seminar a research video documentary on Pakistan and Descendant of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) was released which was highly appreciated by the audience. While introducing the documentary, Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali Secretary General Islahee Jamaat & Aalmi Tanzeem ul Arifeen said that Pakistan was formed on the basis of Islamic ideology, but due to lack of association with Islamic ideology imperialist powers has regained the dominance over us.

He said the only way to come out from the dominance of imperialist powers is through practical implementation of Quran and Sunnah. He further said allegations of secularism are leveled against Quaid e Azam made by few to gratify the west but in reality after he took charge of Muslim League, none of the speech of Quaid e Azam was without mentioning the ideology of Islam.

The Descendant from the 9th generation Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali  (Allah Bless His Soul) like Holy Prophets including Hadrat Muhammad PBUH, and the Sufi Saints, spread Islam by traveling the land, and by strengthening contact with the people, to inspire them towards Allah. Sufis and spiritual mentors of the perfect order also fulfilled the same duty. Owing to attachment with, and faith in the same ideology, it is paramount for all of us to break away from stagnation and decline and adopt a life of action and struggle.

Allah Almighty blessed Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali (Allah Bless His Soul) with a dynamic personality. He was Sultan ul Faqr, Spiritual Master, inspirational leader and a visionary intellectual. He enlightened his followers with the commentary of the Holy Quran and dimensions for the practical implementation of the Holy Sunnah. He also guided the seekers of Allah towards the purification of nafs (the lower ego), and the spiritual Heart, and towards a manifestation of the true soul and the secrets and mysteries of Sufism. His inspirational personality and conversation was the practical reflection of the Morality of the Holy Prophet SAW.

Faisal Karim Kundi

Faisal Karim Kundi Deputy Speaker National Assembly admired the personality and esteemed the services of Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali  (Allah Bless His Soul), He said that Sufi Saints Played vital role in making and defending Pakistan. He said that we can overcome current challenges by following the teachings of Sufi saints. He further said that the Descendant of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) have been struggling from centuries to unite the Muslim Ummah.

Khawaja Saad Rafique

Addressing on the occasion; Khawaja Saad Rafique Said we have to get disentangled from sectarianism and minor differences so that we can tackle the challenges faced by Muslim Ummah. Today Egypt Iran and many other countries brought smooth changes by following the Iqbalian Philosophy, now we have to bring change by following the philosophy of Iqbal. I have seen the revolutionary spirit of Iqbalian Ideology in workers of Tanzeem ul Arifeen.

Sahibzada Nazir Sultan

Ex state minister foreign affairs Sahibzada Nazir Sultan Said I miss very much to my brother Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali. Today after watching this documentary I am extremely convinced to say that his mission of “human self-actualization” led by his Sons, and hallow of Sultan ul Arifeen will Insha Allah prosper till the day of judgment.

Tariq Ismail Sagir

Renowned intellectual and the script writer of the mentioned documentary Tariq Ismail Sagir said The Birthday of the Sultan ul Faqr, the 14th of August 1947 indicates the blessing of Almighty in the Shape of Pakistan and through the Eyes of perfect Saint he trained his followers in such a way that it left behind the so-called criticism on the sufi order and proved that spiritual order is the true spirit of Islam.

Syed Haroon Gilani

Sajada Nasheen of dargah Mianmeer Syed Haroon Gilani said there is immense need of research so that young generation should be aware of the values of Sufis and Pakistan. Religious section of the Pakistan must play a serious and responsible role in this critical situation of Pakistan.

Allama Raghib Hussain Naheemi

Renowned Scholar Allama Raghib Hussain Naheemi Said he was an momentous and historic Personality. He introduced to youngsters Spirituality combined with shariah, in a period when spirituality seem rare in the society. His revolutionary Leadership and Spiritual Mentorship blessed the people with recognition (marifat) of Allah.