Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali

Study of literature by (faqeer) spiritually excellent friends of Allah invokes wisdom and insight within human beings inner, with that depth and broadness ensues in reader’s (iman) belief as well as access to wisdom and recognition of monotheism. Any book or journal by Sultan ul Arifeen Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) invokes ability of attainment of objective within the reader.

January 5, 2020
Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali (R.A)

Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali

Numerous people came in this world, performed extraordinary deeds for the betterment of humanity. After passing away, they were remembered for the welfare...
January 5, 2020
The Chairperson Sultan Muhammad Ali

Sahibzada Sultan Muhammad Ali

Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Ali received early education in Jhang. Afterwards he remained with his father and spiritual mentor Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali...
January 5, 2020
Sultan Abdul Aziz (R.A)

Sultan Muhammad Abdul Aziz

Sakhi Sultan Muhammad Abdul Aziz (Allah bless his Soul) was an epitome of generosity and kindness, the word “Sakhi” means Generous, Liberal or munificent, Sultan is used as a designation for the Land Lord...
January 5, 2020
Sultan Bahadur Ali Shah (R.A)

Sultan Bahadur Ali Shah

Sultan Syed Bahadur Ali Shah sahib Kazmi Mashadi (Allah bless his soul) was born in 1801. Their ancestral link goes back to The Holy prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) through Hadhat Syed Abdul Latif shah...