Unity of Muslim Ummah

Study of literature by (faqeer) spiritually excellent friends of Allah invokes wisdom and insight within human beings inner, with that depth and broadness ensues in reader’s (iman) belief as well as access to wisdom and recognition of monotheism. Any book or journal by Sultan ul Arifeen Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) invokes ability of attainment of objective within the reader.

January 8, 2020

21st Century and the Teachings of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (R.A)

The world in the twenty first century is a very dangerous place. We see natural disasters such as earthquakes tsunamis and floods and also man- made disasters such as wars and killing on massive scale as well as damage...
January 8, 2020

Unity of Muslim Ummah, and Teachings of Sultan Bahoo (R.A)

Unanimous faith of every Muslim on One Allah, His Messenger (Muhammad PBUH) as last prophet, Holy Quran and Sunnah/Hadith of Prophet became a binding force bringing together people of different region as one Ummah...