Socio-Economic views of Sultan Bahoo (R.A)

Divine Knowledge

Written By: Asim Faheem
MBA (London), MSc Intl. Finance, (London)

Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) was born at Shorkot in 1039 A.H. He (R.A) was gifted by GOD, with full of intellectual and spiritual enlightenment. He (R.A) did not have any primary education as he spent his all time in attaining spiritual experience and Divine truth.

Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) said,

“Though, I haven’t received any formal education but after receiving Divine knowledge, I have become pure, that’s why the complete knowledge manifests in my heart through reflection”

Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) expressed his opinion in every section of human nature. Sultan Bahoo’s (Allah Bless His Soul) basic preamble was to highlight spirituality, but at the same time he also expresses his views on philosophy and social sciences. Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) written about hundred and forty books and in all these books, He (R.A) advised three things with repeatedly. These are as under

  1. Obscurity
  2. Desisting
  3. To act upon the Shariah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) states in his book “Ain-ul-Faqr”

“The person who accumulates treasure of the world and keeps prerogative of his wealth, he is just like a Pharaoh and who is a miser at the time of generosity, he resembles Qaroon and who express pride on his wealth, he is just like a Nimrod, and those who give respect to wealth resembles Shaddaad”

Lets take a look on above paragraph in the perspective of Pakistan and Global world.

1. In the perspective of pharaoh’s regime. “Keep prerogative of his wealth, he is just like a Pharaoh.”

According to Quran: 2:49.

“And when we delivered you from Pharaoh’s people, who subjected you to severe torment, killing your sons and sparing your women, and in this there was a great trial from your Rabb.”
According to verse 49 Pharaoh perpetrated brutalism on his subjects, had full control on wealth of people, and Pharaoh considered such wealth and people as his own. Same case is in Pakistan inflation, depression, bribery, jobbery, nepotism, is due to the leadership, who are just assimilating to Pharaoh’s. There is no law and order situation in Pakistan, no proper way to finance and we as a nation and our country’s treasures are snatched by such politicians, feudal lords, (Pharaoh’s).

Worldly wealth is mother and root of all evils and those who acquire it will resort to evil and deceitful acts in order to accumulate further riches through whatever means possible. They enslave needy with massive interest and other unjust charges. The poor is getting poorer and the rich is becoming richer. It makes its seeker and owner greedy and inhuman.

Those who do not spend on the path of Almighty for His sake but they do it merely for sake of name, and fame. They will be harshly punished. Love of wealth will turn fathers against their sons due to greed and vanity. The world is full of deceit such as certain form of so-called democracy, which is controlled by certain wealthy individuals (Pharaoh’s).

When we take a look in global perspective, then we reach at a point that whole world is the slave of USA and some hidden societies, some through power and some through financial Aid or the stockpile of corrupt Leaders (Pharaoh’s), so the USA and hidden societies are just like (Pharaoh) Global Satan.

This materialism is unclean like woman menstrual and never purified same Hoo
In the house of faqeer where is worldly wealth his life is damn Hoo
Worldly love turns away from ALLAH with unnecessary worry and tension Hoo
Divorce worldly wealth three times ‘Bahoo’ if truth to mention Hoo

The love of wealth is filthy like menstrual women and it could not be purified therefore keep it out of your heart. It is said, that wealth is like water, heart is like boat, and if water enters the boat, it will sink. It applies with wealth if you love it and take it to your heart it will ruin you. Claimant of Faqr, who takes material wealth to his heart his life, is accursed because his heart should have been purified and preserved for love of Allah Almighty.

It is accursed because Almighty Allah will not shower mercy upon such heart, where there is love for worldly filthy carrion and where love for other than Allah Almighty exists. Depression, stress and anxiety are common factor of materialistic worries and it prevents people from turning towards Almighty instead it turns them away from Almighty. Divorcing three times in Islam is divorce absolute and there is no compromise with it.

2. In the Perspective of Qaroon Regime. ” Who is miser on wealth, he is an example of Qaroon.”

According to Quran; (Al-Qasas:76)

“Indeed Qaroon belonged to the people of Moses, but he used to wrong them and display arrogance and we had given him such treasures as their keys used to weight down a strong man:(remember) when his people said to him.Do not gloat over (your riches for) Allah does not love those who gloat over (their possessions) Qaroon is the wealthiest person in Moses people,and God Almighty given him such reserves of wealth and reserves which were uncountable. Qaroon made proud on his wealth and make showed off his wealth. Qaroon was so much indulged in his wealth, that he pays no heed to his people.

As, compare to Qaroon , In Pakistan no wealthy and high-born person pay heed to their country marooned people. Zakat system in Pakistan has almost perished; exploitation of poor masses is at peak. Elected people representing masses of Pakistan are only trying to enhance their wealth, with nuisance that our leaders counts in richest persons in Pakistan. They are leaders of this nation whose country is under slump of economic vicious cycle. Richest persons in Pakistan have absolutely pride in their stockpile ornaments. These Qaroons confer money to their loved ones.

Meanwhile in global Perspective IMF is just like a Qaroon-International Monetary Fund. Take a look to the history system of monetary management called Breton Woods established the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), which today is part of the World Bank Group. These organizations became operational in 1945 after a sufficient number of countries had ratified the agreement. With that system IMF had control on Gold of every single country who signed that agreement and after collapsed the Breton Woods They became owners just like Qaroon.

Like menstruating woman, this world is unclean. How would you attain its purification Hoo
Due to wealth learned scholars lament sitting in isolation Hoo
The one who has vast wealth he sleeps with complication Hoo
Those who abandon worldly desires ‘Bahoo’ they cross the river in approbation Hoo

The worldly wealth is undesirably filthy no matter how much you try to rub it clean. Learned scholars make wolf cries regarding lack of wealth and material. They cannot be content with what they have and they want more because of greed. They are not satisfied with their share. They keep the love of wealth in their heart. The wealthy person cannot have normal sleep due to fear of security, greed, physical and emotional ailments.

When wealth is not purified by helping the needy by paying (Zakat) Islamic taxation elms, the wealth becomes sheer burden and sleepless nights. Those who have abandoned the love of wealth from their heart, moved further on, and kept the heart pure for love of Almighty Allah. Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) is keeping it out of one’s heart and not to love or cherish it means abandonment of wealth.

3. In the Perspective of Nimrod’s regime and who express pride over his wealth, he is just like a Nimrod.

According to Quran:2:258.

“Have you not looked at him, who disputed with Abraham about his lord (Allah), because Allah had given him kingdom? When (Abraham) said (to him): ‘My lord (Allah) is He who gives life and causes death. ’He said, ’I gave life and causes death’. Abraham said, ‘Verily, Allah brings the sun from the east, then bring it to you from the west’. So, the disbeliever was utterly defeated. And Allah guides not the people, who are Zaalimoom (wrongdoers)”

Nimrod as an infidel called his people to give Nimrod as a title of lord of universe. As in global politics all high-ups in the Governments are same as Nimrod. USA, Israel and its allies are 24/7 in struggle of to keeping Muslims in doldrums. The United States of America as a present Nimrod responsible for carnage, and bloodshed in Afghanistan & Iraq supporting his allies in order to maintain America’s hegemony.

4. In the perspective of Shaddaad regime. Those who give respect to wealth are assimilate to Shaddaad”

Shaddaad son of Aad was a wealthiest King in the history he heard about Heavens from the Prophets. He build an Heaven on earth according to the Prophetic sayings but before he could see that Heaven, he was destroyed with all his people even no one left behind who can enjoy the luxury of his heaven.

Lets take a look in perspective of Pakistan. The poor is getting poorer and the rich richer. Improper distribution of wealth and the richer, which include Land Lords, Politician’s they are building their own Heavens but not paying taxes resembles Shaddaad.

Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) by words are to recuperate the humanity because, Sultan Bahoo’s (Allah Bless His Soul) aim was not to pin-point economic circle but to work for betterment for the people. It is mandatory and core purpose of a teacher to improve and polish his students. Sultan Bahoo’s (Allah Bless His Soul) such thoughts reflects on Islamic economic system, and it glances that Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) also the founder of economic terminologies.

Half curse upon the world and full curse upon mundane Hoo
Those who have not spent on the path of Almighty, enraged punishment they will obtain Hoo
It makes fathers slaughter their sons, damn you o worldly ploy Hoo
Those who have abandoned the world ‘Bahoo’ spring gardens pleasure they will enjoy Hoo

Many Fuqraa and Sufi’s talked about the materialistic world, but Sultan Bahoo(Allah Bless His Soul) not only focused on materialistic world but also highlighted greediness, fray, etc… Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) was not against wealth, instead Sultan Bahoo (Allah Bless His Soul) urges people regarding acquisition and use of wealth on the right path.

According to Quran: 2:261
“The metaphor of those who spend their wealth in the Way of Allah is that of a grain which produces seven ears; in every ear there are a hundred grains. Allah gives such multiplied increase to whoever He wills. Allah is All-Encompassing, All-Knowing.