Knock, Emphasizing Spiritual and Moral Training

knock, Spiritual and Moral Training

Contemporary Extreme Need (The Urgent Need of Hour)

While 21st century is witnessing the rise of scientific and material progress, it is, unfortunately, facing a moral as well as spiritual decline. Human societies as a whole are losing their moral values and due to the deprivation of man's inner spiritual education and training, the situation in the Kingdom of Allah's bestowed Pakistan which came into being on the basis of Islamic ideology and spirituality, is not much different from the rest of the world. And our society is facing an acute moral and spiritual decline. From private family affairs to collective national interest, we see a decline in our moral values everywhere - the values that were once the hallmark and strength of our society are slowly disappearing, which must be pondered over by all of us.

Sultan-ul-Faqr Hazrat Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali took the initiative to guide the country and nation to bring it out of the moral and spiritual decline. For this great cause, he laid the foundation of "Islahi Jamat & Aalmi Tanzeem ul Arifeen". The Jamat was founded on spiritual and moral values and that is why these two aspects are prominent in the basic training devised by Hazrat Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali R.A for his disciples.

Spiritual excellence and maturity of character is the basic lesson taught to the affiliates from day first as compulsory curriculum. At a time when there was a dearth of spiritual training all over the world and in Muslim societies. He revived the great tradition of spiritual education and training in an organized manner with his spiritual vision and leadership skills.

The notion, built on the same foundations, is emerging today in the form of a Islahi Jammat. It has been observed that even trained people in large institutions seem incapable of such high morals and good manners - along with the basic lessons of ideological maturity and adherence to tradition, the way Islahi Jamat is disseminating the notion of moderation by dint of spiritual emancipation in our societies. The sole reason behind the peculiarity of this Jamat is that their workers are completely devoid of any kind of extremism and disorder.

Extremism is spreading in societies around the world today - the seeds of hatred and division are being sown in the East and the West, and issues such as Islamophobia and terrorism are taking root in people's minds. At such times, founder of Islahi Jamat's movement provides the foundation stone for a moderate and strong society.

Therefore, there is a need to encourage moderate voices and movements while teaching the world to move forward with high morals and spiritual emancipation which is the real voice of the Muslim world. This is the secret of survival and development of our society and country (the secret of survival and development of our society and country is hidden in it).

Monthly Mirrat-Ul-Arifeen International Lahore, December 2020