The study of books and literature written by spiritually excellent friends of Allah (faqeers) has a profound impact on the readers, invoking wisdom and insight within their inner selves. As readers delve into the depth and breadth of these writings, their belief (iman) is strengthened, and they gain access to profound wisdom and a deeper understanding of monotheism. Among the notable works, the books and journals by Sultan ul Arifeen Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (may Allah bless his soul) hold a special place, as they empower the readers to achieve their objectives and goals.

Al-Arifeen Publications is dedicated to publishing various books and magazines that cover intellectual and religious topics, with a special focus on translating and researching the writings of the Saints (Aoliya Allah). They particularly emphasize the translation and research of the books authored by Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (may Allah bless his soul).