Survival of Humanity

Survival of Humanity

To being with the name of Allah Almighty the most Beneficial and the Merciful. There is no God except Him. Nothing happens without His order. Thousands of incline and slam to Hadrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), to His family, and to His Companions.

He showed the actual ways of life and purpose of human creation. God says in Holy Quran “Oh people! If you want to get My love then obey My Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him)”. After the Hamad – o – Sana, let me define the most essential part of faith.

With the auspicious arrival of human on earth, Allah Almighty made the arrangement of reformation and guidance for him and used to send Prophet and Messenger from His palace of favourite and acceptable persons even that the holy time of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came and Allah Almighty closed the door of Prophet hood and Prophecy, made His syllabus of teaching and training the centre of reformation of all mankind and appointed the most virtuous, cheerful, godly and mystic as His representative from His followers to continue His compiled regulations of life.

Hence as Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) says” A perfect Murshid (Spiritual guide) (Sheikh) trains His followers just like a Prophet trains His Nation (Umah)”. Hence after Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) this group of people of His Umah look like engross (busy) in every era of time. Every one of them has His own responsibilities according to his rank (station) and every one has his separate gathering.

However in every era of time, there is a personality who is completely comprehensive Noor-ul-Huda (Light of God) representative of Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) who has to care all human of earth and he has been givencomple possession on matters of God as a vicegerancy of Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him).

He revives every tradition (Sunnah) of Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) in the visible and esoteric (innermost world). In term of sufism (Mysticism), such personality is called ‘pole of unity’ or ‘Lord of universe faqir (pious man)’.

Masjid ul Haram

Masjid ul Haram

In addition to this there is another personality comes to pass (Manifests) after an unknown interval, who is revealing the essence of Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) and revealing the essence of God. He is called Sultan-ul-Faqr.

There are seven Sultan-UL-Faqr in the nation (Umah) of Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him). With the entrance of every Sultan-ul-Faqur the dead humanity gets life with new end and develops the atmosphere of peace and comforts.

Because of their blessing and honour, Allah Almighty blesses and kinds on people for a long time. One of these personalities reviles himself in our era of time. His name is Sultan-ul-Faqr Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali (Allah bless his soul).

He was born in the appearance morning on 14th August 1947. It was very (same) day of 27th of Ramazan -ul-Mubarak. When kingdom of Pakistan came into existence. He got His primary religious education under supervision of His father Shahbaz-e-Arifan (King of People Who recognize Allah Almighty) Hadrat Sakhi Sultan Muhammad Abdul Aziz (May Allah bless his soul) at his home.

For getting current government education of that era of time passed matriculation examination from government high school Nowshere valley soon Sakasar district Koshab. After that he crossed stages of mystic from His respected father and after getting perfection in esoteric knowledge got throne of command in 1981.

He left this mortal world on 26th December 2003 after performing the duties of command for complete 23 years similarity to Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him)



After taking the throne of command, he started to favour (give) the instruction and persuasion to His disciple and engaged Himself in this work for whole life. To remember that instruction (teaching) is a process of blessing knowledge.

In this process Murshid (sheikh) first of all teaches His mystic disciple with the means of preach and advice and also by perusal of book that “Who are you, Where did you come from, Why did you come, What did you come to do here, Where will you go, What is your destination, What is your desired and intent.

In which thing your good luck, in which thing your bad luck, who did send you, what does He want from you, what is your relation with Him. In which style and shape do you have to live here, what is this expended universe in front of you, what is His relation with you”.

The mystic disciple determines His desire (seek) from this whole instruction. He determines the aim and means in order to get His desire. The fondness to get intent becomes prominent and be subdued this fondness they demand (seek) for help and guidance of Murshid.

The process of instruction (teaching) completes after reaching in this stage and stage of persuasion starts, that teaching is noor (light), which manifests the ways to salik (devotee). So that salik (devotee) could safe himself from wrong ways and could move towards destination. Teaching only shows ways.

Never inflict to destination. The access to destination is possible only on persuasion. Persuasion is a process of beneficence from attention. God has added up unlimited abilities inside human, even the noor (Light of knowledge) of all ninety-nine epithets in the heart of human and gave him extreme ability to adopt the attribute of God. When a person travels towards God in innermost part and covers the stages after stages reaches his palace and get honor the sight of Allah Almighty.

Then he bless him the glory of perpetual (continual) presence in the assembly of Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) for ever, where he meets all Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) and Olia Allah (SUFIs). At this stage he has to stay at worthy and set on the throne of command as a vicegerent and caliphate of God and Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him).

In order to duly perform this responsibility He has given to him unlimited ability, indefinite power, and endless control. Hence Sultan-ul-Arifeen Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul) says” when Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) delivered me command on creature of God then He gave me unlimited authority.

Now Muslim or infidel, either alive or dead, fortune or unfortunate all are equal in front of me. It’s all my own willingness to give how much bless on anybody. Nobody can hindrance me”. At this stage Murshid looks at the heartily demand (inside seek) of mystic disciple and makes an attention on him.

Then all forces and abilities awake up inside the body of mystic disciple which are necessary for the completion of his desire (seek) and aim and with the help of these the mystric disciple goes on towards his desires step by step even that he gets his desires. This attention of Murshid is called persuasion.

Teaching and Training

Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Ashgar Ali (Allah bless his soul )

Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Ashgar Ali (Allah bless his soul )

The way of teaching and training of Sultan-ul-Faqur Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali (Allah bless his soul).

Beside anywhere forever. He used to say that we are nomadic (tramp) as Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) says, “Live look like a traveler in this world “. Wherever He was, never disturb His daily routine. He used to teach the Quranic exegesis after Fajar prayer.

Commonly used to read out the translation of Holy Quran from Haji Muhammad Nawaz sahib, Qari Nasrullah sahib or Allama Inayatullah Qadri sahib and gave explanation by Himself. Where ever Muslim jurist issue came under discussion. He used to call His younger brother Hadrat Sakhi Sultan Muhammad Mooazam Ali sahib (Damet Berkatum-ul-Alia) for explanation.

The style of translation and explanation was always devoted. He used to give the meaning (clear the sense) of every verse according to the point of view of appellation of famous Sunnite saint Hadrat Shaikh Abd ul Qadir Al Jilani (Allah be pleased with him) and Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (R.A) (Allah bless his soul).

This lesson used to continue till one or two hours after this, he used to take breakfast, after taking breakfast used to ask the needs (poverty) of needy and quickly settled their problems. At 10:A.M used to teach from the book of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul). Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul) wrote more or less 140 books for guidance of people who want to meet God, which all are in Persian language. Sultan -ul – Faqur Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali (Allah bless his soul) had near about 30 books of them in shape of manuscript. After selecting any book from them, he used to give me and say” Niazi Sahib read it and makes its translation side by side.

When I compliance His order, He makes explanation and detail. This teaching continues till 12:30 P.M. After this he gets released till Zohar prayer. After Zohar prayer, there was a common meeting held till Asar prayer in which audience of meeting asked questions relevant to religious matters and He always replied these questions in detail.

After Ishaa prayer there held a sitting for training of beginner and medium mystic disciples in which there was a discussion about the behavior between mystic disciple and Murshid (Spiritual guide). In last a special sitting had been arranged for the guidance of proficient mystic disciples in which He told them insight (vigilance) about the mystery of recognition of God.

Now I present one or two model of His teaching that you know in which style (Pattern) a Murshid makes training of His mystic disciples. Once in winter, he called me from my house and said ” Niazi Sahib you have to live with Me for some time “. I received an order from palace of my Murshid that I give you training. I (Niazi Sahib) obeyed His order.

He opened the delicate book of Sultan-ul-Arifeen namely “Kaleed-e -Toheed Kalan” and said ” Read from here”. I honored that Hazoor Pak I do not know how to read Persian language. He said “You start with name of Allah Almighty you will become know how to read yourselves”. When I started reading, I was wondered, I could read easily, and its meanings were concepting in my mind. I read this topic (lesson) of book.

“Be it know that a person who did not reach at the stage of believer, then how can he become Faqir -Fana fillah bakabillah, Arif billah. (The person who has completely handed over himself to his God and has no will of himself, what he wants, his God wants, What he says his God says, what he see, his God see) The word Muslim has six words Meem, Seen, Laam Meem, Alif, Noon. (As per Urdu alphabets).

From word of Meem (Muafiq-e-Rehman Wa Mukhalif-e-Shetan) a person is in accordance to beneficent and against to Satan, in accordance to knowledge and against to ignorance agreeable with spirit and against to the self, and conformable to divine law and against to innovation in it. From the word of seen (Saleem Qalab Tasleem Ba-haq) a Muslim becomes a perfect hearty, in favour of salutation in willingness and pious manner.

From word of lam his tongue saturates with the fame (mention) of Kalima Tayyiba. From meem second ( Masail-e- Fiqah Wa Hadis)he becomes gram, scholastic of Muslim jurist issue and categorical order of tradition and Unity of Allah Almighty and knowledge of sufism with the word of Alif (Irada-e-Sadiq) he intentionally becomes trustful or verified with sincere. With the word noon, then he becomes a person having pious purpose.

A person who does not desire from these attributes, he never be a Muslim having carrier of truth, protector of truth and real devoted person. Being it know that a believer has four words, (meem, voo, meem, noon) with the word (meem), he leaves hypocrisy, gets verification of Allah Almighty by heart, lives in the desire seek of Allah Almighty and gets affection of Allah.

This is the meaning of pure hearted, respectful and modest believer. With the word (vow) he becomes immersion in the essence of Allah Almighty, his heart becomes dead from every thing except Allah Almighty and he becomes chum of monotheism, chum of abdication and trust on Allah and chum of revival. His spirit becomes Sincere and enemy of ungodly tyrant.

A believer neither adopt nor buy any thing except the recognition of Allah Almighty. With the word 2nd (meem) a believer does not convey the pleasure of greedy and desire together to his tormentor soul (psyche) and with the word noon, the purpose of believer is better than his action. The profession of believer is always virtuous and pious action.

Said Ameer Khan Niazi

Said Ameer Khan Niazi

When I have read up at this point then he said that Niazi Sahib Allah Almighty has defined this kind of standard of Muslim but I am sorry to say that Muslims have entirely free from these attributes. And suffered from worships of soul (psyche) after leaving worship of Allah Almighty and everyone started to decorate his own world.

The Muslims are running towards the comforts of world and have left the comfort of heaven. They have become statue of greed and lust after leaving piety and trust on Allah Almighty. The class of rulers loosed the difference between the sanction and forbidden, between permissible and unlawful in order to prolong their rule.

Religious Scholars whose responsibility was the religious guidance, they left the track of knowledge and are going towards the ignorance. There are three kinds of people in this world. firstly the ignorant who cause to agree their opinion by force. Secondly Religious Scholars who cause to agree their opinion on the base of argument.

Thirdly saints who cause to agree their opinion by effect of attention. Now those who are ignorant, they are standing at their level and they establish their bluff (bullying) and unfair means. But Religious Scholars and saints have left their path (track). Religious Scholars have joined the efforts to earn wealth.

They have lost their honor (nobility) which they got from knowledge, and much ahead from them, they earned property with untrue repute from their decorated posts.

Even, Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) says “he who got knowledge to earn wealth he is infidel, he who got knowledge in order to cavil (taunt, objection) he is hypocrite and he who got knowledge to get happiness (pleasure) of God he is a Muslim. Now look at Religious Scholars of this time, they are selling their prayer, getting cost (value, price) of sermonize. Selling the teaching of Quran.

Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul) says that Religious Scholars who makes his knowledge as a source of earning, he loses the honour of knowledge and effect of knowledge goes out from his essence. Now see that Religious Scholars have left arguments and adopted the ways of bluff, unfair means, like ignorant and eraged in slaughter and capra plunder. They made mosques and religious school, the institutions of destruction and started to murder the Muslims in exact state of prayer.

Neither it is Islamic faith nor is it Islam. Concluded from it that a Muslim became deprived off help and victory (aid) of Allah Almighty. The dishonor disgrace, deprivation, poverty made his destined.

Allah says “Neither make laziness nor feel sympathy, you will only become dominant if you become believer.”

Further Allah Almighty says, “I made gave control of every thing of Earth and Sky to you with the help of this Quran”. Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) says, “He who cannot be wealthy from power of Quran, he will not be from us”.

Now here there is a need of concentration that, “Are Muslims dominant or conquered on this earth. If they are conquered then it is clear that Muslims are deprived off power of faith and they are not in the counting of true believer in the palace of Allah Almighty. Does a Muslim have possession on every thing of Earth and Sky? If not then it is clear that Islam did not exist with in Muslim and they do not deserve to call believer.

Have Muslims of present time benefited got wealth, but they are not riches and be deprived and miserable. Then he will not be with in the umah of Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him). Look that there are three kinds of people here. Either they are infidel, or they are hypocrites or they are believer. Those who are infidel, there is a less torment (punishment) of dishonor and misery in this world for them but there is an unlimited torment (punishment) in the world after here.

For hypocrites there is also punishment of dishonor and misery in this world and also continued (perpetual) punishment in the world after here. For a believer there is a respect and dignity in this world and also proximity and meeting of Allah Almighty in the world after here. Now you decide yourselves that a Muslim of present time is a member of which group.

He is neither infidel who does not read Kalima Tayyiba, nor a believer that who got proximity and union of Allah Almighty. That is why we have to say that Muslim of today is hypocrite. If you look at your forefathers then it is clearly seen that believers of earlier age had been dominant on this earth. They had possession on every thing of earth and sky. Hadrat Abu Huraera (Allah be pleased with Him) says that once Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) sent us in an important affair.

We have lost stock of water at a point on the way and human and animal got disturbed with thirst. Our commander made petition and requested to Allah Almighty “Allah Almighty give us water, all treasures belong to you (or with in your hand)”. After sometime there came an invective powerful rain that our demand has been fulfilled. When we walked forward, there came across an inundation canal which has stopped our way.

Once again our commander made a request to Allah Almighty, “Allah Almighty give us divine help to cross this canal with safe and sound. After this prayer we went down on canal, we saw that our animals were walking on the surface of canal just like to walk on a road.

Same like that once Hadrat Umer Farooq (May Allah be pleased with him) wrote a letter to river Naiel, that give water to irrigation land on time, else you will be accountable” so from that day river naiel obey that order.

Now as we are not true believer so how our ruler can be pious and good humans.

Declaration is that a person announces in a loud voice in front of people that, there is no God except Allah Almighty and Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) is the Prophet of God”. When he makes this announce then he is called a Muslim but in order to prove true this announce, he has to present witness and the witness of declaration are prayer (Namaz), fast (Rozah), pilgrimage (Haj), Zakat, Jihad, etc.

As Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) says “The only thing which makes the difference between Muslim and infidel is prayer. All duties, obligations, Sunnah of divine law are all the witness of declaration.

Hence all these are related to creature. All Means are to be performed in front of people and creature can see them. That is why its record is to be handed over to creature means Kiraman Katibeen ( two angels who keep record of all good and bad) are recordings these actions and their reward is Jannat-ul-Mava, Jannat-ul-Naeem or Jannat-ul-Firdous (Stages of Heaven) and all these are creatures. But Allah Almighty gave us that target which is neither an infernal nor heaven.

He says, “Then you will have to come back to me”. Means that Allah Almighty gave us the target of His proximity and union. The source of teaching and training of knowledge of declaration has to be made controversy, discussion, conversation, reading, and writing and sermonize and its responsibility has been delivered to Religious Scholars.

The knowledge of declaration is news a means it gives news to the person that Allah Almighty is your Lord and He is one and Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) is the last Prophet of Allah Almighty. There is an existence of another life in the world hereafter. In the life hereafter, there are heaven, hell, throne’s Allah Almighty and divine knowledge, etc.

Wisdom makes survey of all these news. Wisdom creates criticism. Criticism creates classification. Disturbance comes into existence from classification. From disturbance terrorism comes into
being and terrorism destroys the life, property, comfort and peace of creature of Allah Almighty. That’s why Allah Almighty has declared the knowledge of verification as a compulsory part of faith with the knowledge of declaration. Hence Allah Almighty has made dependence of his forgiving and favour on the knowledge of verification.

As Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) says, “No doubt that Allah Almighty neither looks at your faces nor look at your action but his look is towards your purpose and your heart”.

Verification is related to heart means heart verifies the news of declaration. In the term of religion the heart or soul which is present in the esoteric of human is called this bright essence which is pure from essence and unity of God and the observation of beauty and majesty is its special quality and in esoteric the meeting (assembly) of Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) is his place. This is a special quality of heart that it doesn’t verify anything without seeing it.

He insists observation on every thing (talk). Allah Almighty says, “Similarly we gave observation of dominion of earth and sky to Hadrat Ebrahim (Alaih-is-salam) that his faith has completed”. This verse looks like to insist on this talk that the completion of faith does not depend upon heard saying but the observation of heart. And Hadrat Ebrahim (Alaih-is-salam) requested to God, “O, my Lord give me observation how can you make alive of dead person.

God says don’t you take faith on it”. He requested why not but in order to satisfy my heart that it doesn’t satisfy without seeing it. Verification gets from observation of heart eye and it has need of two things for territory of heart eye. One is the attention of complete Murshid (Spiritual Master) and second is the perpetual hearty mention of name of Allah Almighty under the custody of perfect Murshid.

The heart mentions the name of Allah Almighty at that time when tongue, lips and voice are closed. If we use tongue and voice for this mention then heart never does mention. This mention is performed only with conception. That is why this process of mention is called “Conception of Allah Almighty”. This mention is fixed with every breath of life.

Human has duty to perform whether he may be in any position either in sitting or standing or in lie down position. As God says, “When you have offered prayer then perform mention of name of Allah Almighty either you are in sitting, standing or in lie down position”. And Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) says, “Your breath are counted which breath went out without the mention of God it is considered to be dead”.

Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul) writes in his book Mahk-ul-Faqr, “O true mystic disciple who doesn’t study the knowledge of mysticism he is worse (inferior) Satan, in addition to this, he is a person having greed and desire. His determination can never towards the essence of God. To conceive the knowledge of Sufism is the source of satisfaction of Rehman and unaware of this knowledge is an entirely source of Satan.

In order to get verification by heart God gives a common order mean, “O faithful people fear of God and join the group of verified people”. This is that order with the face of this order to accept as disciple on hand of verified complete Murshid is our exact duty. What is the recognition of perfect Murshid?

Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul) writes, “A perfect Murshid is that who gives the charmed (influenced) clear name of Allah Almighty to disciple in very first day and say to him influence this on your heart and make mention this name with conception with every breath. A Murshid who is not spiritualist of conception of mention of name of God, he is imperfect murshid and to be a disciple on his hand is forbidden and that is why to become a disciple on the hand of a perfect Murshid is our duty.

The conception of name of Allah Almighty is only one process of knowledge of verification. All these actions are related to the knowledge of declaration and not related to verification. God doesn’t see the knowledge of declaration without the knowledge of verification.

That process of declaration means the yield of divine law develops with the water of (reflection of) knowledge of verification. If yield doesn’t develop in the field of process of divine law the whole crop (separation) of divine law is to be laid waste. As there are witnesses of process of divine law which are to be seen by creatures.

Similarly there are witnesses of knowledge of verification which are to be seen by only one God and those are truth, good manner, love (affection), fear of God, trust on God, salutation and willingness of God, patience, gratitude, fear and hopefulness, etc. These are those witnesses which cannot be seen by creature. That all those are the attributes of heart and this is exactly the treasure of life of a believer.

This was that first order of Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali (Allah bless his soul) whose teachings were given to me by Him and with the help of this I determined (fixed) my destination and required (demanded) His help in order to reach my destination.

Once I was present in His assembly (company) immersed on this thought if I have got a contract of huge project (in those days I was a contractor) and I have got a huge profit then I would get knitted (construct) many rooms for the residence of guests here. I will manage the arrangement of Langer Khana (free public kitchen) in a better manner, complete the construction of Palace (Mahal Pak) and mosque and get knitted a religious school etc etc.

I was immersed on this thought so much that I could not know where I was? He called me and said Niazi Sahib Holy Prophet (PBHU) says, “The world is an apparition (shadow) which becomes vanish (of vanished)”. Its example is this if you turn your face from sun, your shadow will be in front of you, if you go forward to capture your shadow then it will go forward to you it will never be captured in your hand. If you turn your face towards sun, your shadow will be behind you and if you go forward then your shadow will behind you.

Exactly if you turn your face from God and go towards world then you cannot captured it. But if turn your face from world and go towards God then world will begin to run behind you. Even if you reach in grave then world will lick up your grave.

Hence don’t waste your time in these thoughts and search God. As Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) says, “He who get Allah Almighty he becomes all in all”. There is no other process of verification except this. A Murshid who involves his disciple in labour of in contention, meditation rosary (chaplet), he is imperfect Murshid.

When I reached at this paragraph during the study of Kalid-e-Toheed Kalan “Brilliant commander, perfect Faqir is that who gave command and persuasion to four persons as for experience. One king, second Alim Valliullah (SUFI), third un-esoteric murshid, fourth ignorant, that they become in imprisonment of knowledge.

Then he said to explain it that a perfect Faqir cleans the heart of people in order to alive the Sunnah of Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) just like Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) cleaned the hearts of his companion and to their describe God says, “God gave the great bless on believer that sent a Prophet with in them to them, who recites the verses of God, cleans them and teaches them the talk (teachings) of book and wisdom”.

A perfect Faqir has also this attribution as a vicegerent (assistant) he also commands his followers with verses of Holy Quran and cleans their heart with persuasion and attention. Then he destroys the things just like evil wishes, unfair affection of world, evil suggestion of Satan, terrorism, avidity, greed, lust, arrogance, malice, rancor etc, in exchange (in response) of these creates harmony, brotherhood, fraternity and human friendship come out from bad feature like world seek (demand of world) and adultery (fornication) because noor (light) of faith gets up in their hearts and he adopts the following of God and Prophet after leaving the following of soul (psyche) and Satan.

He performs all actions in order to get the happiness of God through out his life never for himself. They drink water as they think that thirsty is an order of God. Similarly they think hunger is an order of God to eat also sleeping is also an order of God so they sleep. They think lechery is also an order of God and perform the rights of wife.

They think earning of life hood is also order of God and try to earn from every source. Hence their standing, sitting, eating, drinking, sleeping, awaking are for God. The atmosphere of justice and equality is created in whole human society due to their behavior and evil is to be expired (rooted out).

When Faqir commands and persuades to the ruler of any area then his object (aim) is only for public interest. That when become reconcile of heart of any ruler then he becomes profitable to Muslims and develops the atmosphere of peace and respite in his state. When he goes to the higher authority then the only aim in his mind is that he never goes to the worldly ruler for his personal interest.

That world seeker ruler is just like an indigent and poverty (poor and beggar) in his eye (sight). If he goes to such ruler and who does not perform (complete) his aim (order) then he deposes (dethrones) him and makes another person as a ruler. This is his own authority because he is caliphate of God on earth. (Kalid – e – Toheed Kalah).

Similarly when he gives command and persuasion to any Religious Scholar who becomes cheerful and when he gives attention to un-esoteric Sheikh, then he makes him esoteric, a Faquir having attribute of clean esoteric and capable to guide the mystic disciple. Otherwise he is continuing burglar for mystic disciple.

When he (Faquir) give persuasion to an ignorant then makes him pure and useful for society.

On the whole (in short) Sultan -ul – Faqur Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali Sahib (Allah bless his soul ) acted upon this mission until the last breath of His life. For this motive He laid the foundation of Islahee Jamaat on 1989 and made the training of thousands of people by Himself after making them mystic disciple. Made them Arif -e-Billah and speeded them in corner to corner of country after making them preacher (representative ) of Islahee Jamaat.

So that they spread the noor (light) of chastity (purity) through out the society and creature of God can take the breath of satisfaction. When the number of preacher comes out of thousands then in order to be benefited to every human on earth he gave it (Islahee Jamaat) the name Almi Tanzeem-ul-Arifeen.

This name represents that it is a Tanzeem of Arifan-e-Mulh whose mission is the existence of peaceful humanity. Islahee Jamaat and Tanzeem-ul-Arfeen are not that Jamaat or Tanzeem (Organization) of worldliness but it is a pure (Organization)Tanzeem which creates the feelings of mystic disciple of God . Now with the blessings of God, this Organization is engross (fascinate) in hundred thousands.

If you want to take close observation of its great performance, all embracing nature and extent then inspect the annual gathering Meelad-e- Mustafa (meeting held to celebrate the Holy Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) nativity) on 12,13 April every year on Darbar Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul).

Islahee Jamaat

Islahee Jamaat

He established many religious school and training center through out the country in which disciple is to be adorned to the knowledge of divine law with the knowledge of sufism. Because Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul) writes, “An Alim (Religious Scholar) without the knowledge of mysticism is a Satan” (Mahkul Faqr) and Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) says, “be fear with ignorant alim”.

Asked from Him that’ O Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be on him) what is the meaning of ignorant alim?. He said, “who is an alim with tongue but ignorant with heart”. Means that he has knowledge of declaration He has made special consideration on the department of publication side by side and got to be published the standard translation of books of Sultan-ul-Arifeen Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul).

In order to manage the public relation he got to published a monthly magazine namely Mirat-ul-Arifeen and established a Maktabah (library) namely the office of Islahee Jamaat and Tanzeem-ul-Arifeen in every city. When 23 years have been completed on working on this mission of rectitude (discernment) and righteous (correct guidance) then he made His young, gentle, respected son perfect Arif and Vasilbillah (One who Meets Allah Almighty), Fana-fe-ullah, Baka Billah a perfect Murshid and gave him the responsibility of guidance for the mystic disciple of God.

He appointed Him as a supreme commander and King of Islahee Jamaat and Tanzeem-ul-Arifeen. After His Marching from this world Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Ali Sahib (Damet Berkatumul alia)(May he Live long) is proceeding in an excellent manner. We hope that now elegance will come in the Jamaat and Tanzeem with his effort and affection and the noor of blessing of God will rain on whole humanity Insha-Allah (If Allah Almighty willing), God gives us divine help to be benefited from this noor (light) of manifest (ameen).