Humanity and its Completion

Humanity and its Completion

All praises are for ALLAH Almighty who is the sustainer of all universes, the One who has secured degrees of status for devotees and levels of proximity for mystics. Endless, unlimited blessing and salutation be upon Hadrat Mohammed (blessing and salutation be upon him) beloved of Almighty and the master of worldly life and hereafter. Whose holiness, soul was created by the facial light of elegance.

As per Hadith-e-Qudsi ALLAH Almighty says (meanings): “I have created Soul of Mohammed (blessing and salutation be upon him) from my facial illumines (noor)”.

Prayers and blessing be upon the descendants, companions, pious wives and the family of Hadrat Mohammed (blessing and salutation be upon him) who are guiding stars. Those who follow them will be blessed. As Prophet (blessing and salutation be upon him) said (meanings): “my companions are like stars whichever you follow amongest them you will be guided towards straight path”.

Under such circumstances it becomes apparent that neither we are to stay forever in this wicked world nor to eat drink and be content with our sensual appetites and wicked desires.

On the contrary we are here to gain and accumulate proximity and unification of ALLAH.

ALLAH almighty says in the Quran: 27-Alzariat-56: “And that I have created jinn and human for the sake of my worship”.

According to mystics worshiping means proximity, unification, divine love and affection of almighty ALLAH. It is then crystal clear that Almighty ALLAH has created us for his proximity and unification. Infact his proximity and unification cannot be achieved without his mystic knowledge (mahrifat).

Hadrat Shaikh Abdul Qader Jelani (may ALLAH be pleased with him) said: “How a person can perform his prayers if he does not recognize ALLAH i.e. acquires proximity and unification of ALLAH.

Thus our first and foremost responsibility is to gain proximity and knowledge of nearness to ALLAH and key to recognise ALLAH is self realisation. As quoted in the Hadith Mubarak (meaning) “the one who has recognised himself has certainly recognised his sustainer (ALLAH Almighty)”.

(Lyrics from poetry of Hadrat Allama Iqbal (R.A), ALLAH (SWT) is saying to human)

“Immerse within yourself to discover the source of life If you cannot be mine, be yourself at least”

Imam Ghazali (may ALLAH bless him) commented on this Hadith by saying: Oh human! Anything closest you, is you own self. If you fail to recognise yourself then how will you be able to recognise others?

Having metaphorical knowledge of your body is by far from recognition of yourself, even animals have such recognition or by realizing that consuming food in case of hunger, having an argument in case of anger, having sexual intercourse when overcome with lust, even animals have all these sentiments than how can you be classified as noble and most prominent amongst them? The need of self recognition and mystic knowledge is to realize who you are? Where you came from and where will you be going and what is purpose of your creation? What is your luck and fortune and where it exists?

Amongst all the qualities that have been accumulated within you, some are beastly i.e. savageness and ferocities, some are satanic, some supernatural and some are Angelic. Carefully consider that which of these qualities do you possess? Who are you amongst them? With whom you are closer to? Which qualities are poorly, strangely or temporarily exist within yourself? Until and unless you fail to recognise them you will remain unaware of self realisation and therefore will not become the seeker of luck and fortune because each quality has its own diet and its auspiciousness. Animals’ diet and auspiciousness lies in eating, drinking and copulation.

If you consider yourself of having the same qualities then you endeavour to keep your stomach full and fulfil your lustful desires. Beast’s diet and auspiciousness is in fighting, quarrelling, rage and furry, killing and be killed. Devil’s diet and goodness lies in unrest and cunningness, if you consider yourself having such qualities than you should adopt such amusements to achieve your objectives. Angelic diet and goodness is in glorification and remembrance of ALLAH Almighty and his circumlocution (tawaf).

Whereas diet and goodness of human beings lies in observing light of elegance of ALLAH. If you see yourself as human then you should strive towards recognition of ALLAH almighty, observation of his splendour of elegance and should escape from the grip of lust and anger. Your cravings should be for the ONE who has created wild and animal attributes within you so that you realise that their objectives were to be victorious by imprisoning and overpowering you or you imprisoning and overpowering them and amongst them prisoners you can use one as horse vehicle and other as weapons so that you could utilise these slaves in your journey through this mortal world and that you could acquire the seed of goodness and that you could enter the tranquillity of goodness by stampede them. It is termed by the elite as (Hazoor-e-Haq) Honour of the truth.

All these are for you to know and whoever remained unaware from these had remained at a distance from the religion and unknowingly has been in veil from the reality (Haqeeqat) (translation of chemistry of success by imam Ghazali).

Remember religion means “identifying and completing jewel of humanity within one’s self”. Religion is to realise and achieve true rank of being a human (the prominent being). In other words acquaintance of you is religion. Self acquaintance is that human is the creation of two elements. One is physical being which can be touched by hand or seen with naked eye, other is spiritual being known as conscience, soul or spiritual heart that can neither be seen by naked eye nor touched by hand. It could only be seen by the inner eye. The learned mystics (Arifs) term spiritual being as real being. They say real heart is not lump of meat placed on left side of human chest as it exists among dead and animals and could be seen with naked eye.
Anything which can be seen with the naked eye belongs to this mortal world and therefore, will be perished whereas real hearts has absolutely no link with this world in fact it is linked with the unseen invisible world. Even though physical body will be perished real heart will remain and is not perishable. Its special attribute is visualisation of grace of ALLAH Almighty and the mystic knowledge. The order for prayer, reward and punishment, fortune or misfortune is destiny of real being and its awareness is the key for mystic knowledge of ALLAH almighty. This is reality of religion.

To realise this true form of religion Sufis (mystics) have been casting a look on creation of this universe. That is why it is said: “when ALLAH almighty intended to become visible he created the very sacred Soul of the master of here and hereafter Hadrat Mohammed (blessing and salutation be upon him) with his own splendour of elegance (Noor a Jamaal).

In Hadith-e-Qudsi ALLAH Almighty said: “I have created very sacred Soul of master of here and hereafter Mohammed (blessing and salutation be upon him) from my facial splendour.

Than from the soul of Mohammed (blessing and salutation be upon him) He have created all souls and his my proximity, He made Lahoot (Mystic stage in which human is in proximity of Almighty ALLAH) their place of origin and kept them there. At that place of proximity the soul was named as the sacred soul (Rooh-e-Qudsi). He kept sacred souls for four thousand years (4000) in unveiled stage of extreme proximity and they fell in divine love with ALLAH Almighty. Afterwards ALLAH Almighty questioned the Souls that” Am I your sustainer (Rab)? They verified and replied “Yes” (Balla).

According to Sufis this question is about the mystic knowledge of ALLAH Almighty (Mahrifat) and after soul’s confession (of existence of ALLAH) to gain knowledge of His attributes He ordered from splendour of “complete human” Mohammed (blessing and salutation be upon him) “Be” (Kun) and created 18,000 creatures and categorised them into three degrees (Jabroot) sphere of ALLAH Pak’s omnipotent, (Malakoot) angelic world and (Nasoot) physical world. These three degrees are infact manifestation of attributes of ALLAH (Safat-e-Ellahi), tour of these three stages is actually visualisation of (Mahrifat) mystic knowledge of attributes of ALLAH Almighty.

After creating these stages sacred souls were ordered to descent for visualisation of sphere of ALLAH Pak’s omnipotent (Jabroot) dressed up (in costume made for sphere of ALLAH Pak’s omnipotent) to save it from burning with the light of sacred soul (of the real human) because Jabroot does not have capability to sustain the brightness of sacred soul. Such as on the night of Mairaj (the accession of the Prophet (blessing and salutation be upon him)) angel Gabriel could not advance beyond point of Heavenly tree and said: “if I move forward a fraction of hair I will be burnt from the splendour of Lahoot (Mystic stage in which human is in proximity of Almighty ALLAH)” because angel Gabriel is created from the noor of Jabroot (sphere of ALLAH Pak’s omnipotent).

When Rooh-e-Qudsi entered the world of Jabroot (sphere of ALLAH Almighty’s omnipotent) dressed up in first humanly dress from splendour of Jabroot it was give the name of Rooh-e-Sultani. After Rooh-e-Sultani toured the world of Jabroot and acquired the knowledge of attributes of ALLAH Pak at the point of Jabroot it was ordered to leave Jabroot and to enter world of Malakoot (angelic world) where it was dressed in second humanly dress of splendour of Malakoot and was given name of Rooh-e-Serani. After its tour of this stage and acquiring mystic knowledge of attributes of ALLAH Pak’s at the point of Malakoot it was dressed up third time humanly dress of splendour of Nasoot and descended onto the world of Nasoot (the physical world).

As quoted in the Holy Quran (meaning): “And then we have descended him on to the lowest level” so that he could observe the symbols of ALLAH Almighty and complete mystic knowledge of attributes of ALLAH Pak. Here it was named as Rooh-e-Jismani (soul of physical human) and classified as rational animal.

Now as human being descended from various stages and ended up in this world of Nasoot (physical world), He is not here forever but he will glide through symbols of ALLAH almighty (using verses of Quran) and will return to stage of Lahoot (mystic stage in which human is in the proximity of ALLAH Almighty) to acquire eternal grace of ALLAH Almighty. ALLAH Almighty says in the Holy Quran: “then you have to return to me”. Means human being has descended and now he has to ascend using all those familiar paths.

As human being gradually ascend, signs and symbols of existence of ALLAH become clearer to such an extent that by breaking the barriers of nature human acquire the knowledge of oneness
of ALLAH Almighty and claim: “I have achieved my objective by reaching to my Rub (sustainer)”. ALLAH Almighty says in Quran 51:53. (Meanings) “We continue showing seekers of our mystic knowledge and recognition signs in this universe and in spiritual world (of Malakoot, Jabroot, Lahoot, Yahoot and Ha-hoo-yeat (oneness of ALLAH Almighty) until reality of existence of ALLAH Almighty become apparent to them”.

“(Al-Quran)So far we have realised that human being is a formation of four bodies or in other words real human is concealed in four covers

  1. Our Physical body
  2. Malakooti body
  3. Jabrooti body
  4. Lahooti body

First three relates to worldly life, they are mortal and have ability to acquire and benefit from mystic knowledge of ALLAH Almighty’s attributes (Mahrifat-e-Siffat-e-Ellahiya) whereas fourth Lahooti cover is from Immortal universe so it is immortal and it has the ability to acquire and benefit from the mystic knowledge of ALLAH Almighty (Zat-e-Ellahi).

A separate educational training and syllabus is prescribed for attaining mystic knowledge of ALLAH Almighty and his proximity. The education of divine law and its practices are prescribed for this mortal body of rational animal. Its education and training is responsibility for scholars. Without adopting and practising divine knowledge this mortal body will left without success and obedience and will fail in reaching its eternal reward of Heaven (Janat-al-Mawa) because this heaven is fruit of divine practices (Amal-e-Shraria) and is reflection of this physical universe (Nasoot).

Education and training syllabus for Malakooti body is “Elme-e-tariqat” (mystic knowledge). Such knowledge can only be acquired by taking oath on hand of a complete Sufi master (Shaikh), following his instructions and practicing his commands whole heartedly. These practices will develop angelic attributes in human and he start benefiting from angelic light of Almighty attributes and earn bounty of Heaven of rewards (Jannat-al-Naeem) where he prospers. Without practicing spiritual functions acquisition of Jannat-al-Naeem is absolutely impossible.

Education and training of Jabrooti body is duty of a complete Shaikh by using Elme-e-Mahrifat (Knowledge of spirituality), spiritual actions and practices. By adopting spirituality human being acquires Jabrooti attributes, enters the universe of Jabroot and understands the mystic concept of ALLAH Almighty agrees and accepts its outcome with pleasure in form of Jannat-ul-Firdous (highest heaven). Approach to Jannat-ul-Firdous is absolutely impossible without spiritual knowledge and practices.

Therefore answers to all questions and solution for success lies in practicing Islamic Devine Law (Sharia) alongside practicing mystic knowledge (Tariqat) and negate physical being to nourish his angelic form (Malakooti body) and ascend toward Alam-e-Malakot where he needs to adopt practices of Mahrifat in order to rise from his angelic form towards his Jabrooti form (sphere of ALLAH Pak’s omnipotent).

Education and training for Lahooti form is called Alam-e-Haqeeqat and Amal-e-Haqeeqat (knowledge and practices of reality). Its training and education is duty of a complete Shaikh (Murshad-e-Kamil). By adopting and performing these practices his Jabrooti form ascend towards Alam-e-Amar (immortal universe) and reaches Muqam-e-Qurab (location of proximity of ALLAH almighty) the Heaven of Alam-e-Lahoot by breaking three barriers of Alam-e-Khalq (universe of nature) i.e. Nasoot (mortal universe), Jabroot (sphere of ALLAH Pak’s omnipotent) and Malakoot (the angelic universe). As Prophet (blessing and salutation be upon him) narrated: “Indeed ALLAH Almighty has a Heaven where there aren’t any beautiful lady servants, neither honey nor milk rather there will be nearness and meeting with ALLAH almighty”.

At this point he become sincere and get relieved from the love of materialistic world and mischief of wicked desires (Nafs) and satin because these creations can not enter in Lahoot (proximity of ALLAH Almighty). Satin mentioned this level of human sincerity in his dialogue with ALLAH Almighty, as quoted in holy Quran: (Chapter 38 – Saad – 82/83): “Iswear by your mighty that I will surely mislead them all beside those of your devotees who become sincere”.

ALLAH Almighty mentioned about this La Takhaf (no fear) position of human in Quran by saying: (Section 11- Chapter 10 – Yunus -62: “Behold! Verily upon the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve”. And about this level of holiness (Muqam-e-Qudas) ALLAH Almighty said: “And I helped him with Rooh-e-Qudsi (the Holy Spirit)”.

ALLAH Almighty mentioned about this illumines status of human by saying: (Section 15, Chapter – Bani-Israel – 85: “O’ my beloved say: “The Spirit is the thing command of Allah: and you did not receive knowledge but little that is communicated to you” and in anotherinstance ALLAH Almighty said in Quran: (Section 1 – Chapter 2 – Al-baqara – 30: “Verily, I willcreate a vicegerent on earth”. And this is that Holy Spirit about which ALLAH Almighty commands by mentioning him his secret “human is my secret and I am his secret”. ALLAH Almighty has “Oh my beloved didn’t you see that person who goes around by making his desires as his god” and worships his desires as god called this aluminous form of human Rooh-e-Qudsi (Holy Spirit) and pointed as his own soul. Section – 23 Chapter 38 – Saad 72: “And I breathed into him my spirit”.

This situation was explained rather differently by Sufis: Hadrat Peer Maher Ali Shah Sahib (May ALLAH Bless his soul) said:

“Kun Fa Ya Koun (Be! And it is) is thing of the past, we were in divine love with you, way before that”

Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (May ALLAH Bless his soul) says in his Punjabi poetry:

When Kun Fa Ya Koun (happen so it happened), we were there near him
Sustainer of the universes is one and here we are searching in this worldly life to find him
Our real home is proximity of ALLAH Almighty and here we are stuck in this body
This is all because of wickedness of our filthy Nafs, Hadrat Bahoo (May ALLAH Bless his soul) otherwise our reality is somewhat different not filth

Human can not achieve his objective until he complete his practical training of four courses, Sharia (Islamic Devine law), Tariqat (mystic knowledge), Mahrifat (knowledge of spirituality), and Haqeeqat (knowledge of mystic reality) under supervision of a true and complete Shaikh. He will not achieve any success as and remain a failure as one can not succeed with following Kamil Sharia (authentic Islamic Devine Law).

Prophet of ALLAH (blessing and salutation be upon him) defines Kamil Sharia: (meanings) Sharia (Islamic Devine law) is a tree, Tariqat (mystic way of life) is its branches, Mahrifat (mystic knowledge) is its leaves and Haqeeqat (knowledge of ALLAH Almighty’s reality) is its fruit and all of these are accumulated in the Holy Quran”.

Allama Iqbal (May ALLAH almighty bless his soul) explained this in his own word by saying:

“A true Muslim is the combination of four elements
Qahaar, Ghaffar, Quddos and Jabaroot”

Meaning, one can only be a true Muslim after completing his training in four courses i.e. the Sharia (Qahaar), Tariqat (Ghaffar), Mahrifat (Jabaroot) and Haqeeqat (Quddos)”

Without training in these four courses human cannot escape from the manipulation of Nafs (wicked desires) because within the boundary of Islamic Devine law Nafs provokes him toward opposing the orders of ALLAH Almighty of prohibition from certain things, In the boundary of Mystic way of life (Tariqat) Nafs deceive by misleading in veil of religious accord means Nafs will obey religious commands in such a manner that even by carrying out religious duties a human will still be misled.

Within Tariqat (mystic way of life) Nafs provokes him to claim Prophet-hood or sainthood. In the arena of Mahrifat (knowledge of spirituality) Nafs deceive human using his own aluminous and indulge him into concealed idolatry (Shirk-e-Khafi) and persuades him towards claiming to be god. ALLAH Almighty commands in Quran: (Section – 25 Al-Jathiya – 23. “Oh my beloved didn’t you see that person who goes around by making his desires as his god” and worships his desires as god?”

But within Haqeeqat satin, Nafs, angels and other creation of nature are unable to enter because anything other then ALLAH Almighty gets burnt. When human enters the atmosphere of Haqeeqat (universe of Lahoot) his entire human attributes perish and he become symbol of “death before one dies” (when person’s worldly desires extinguished and his Qalb gets eternal life) and become eligible of Qurb-e-Zat Ellahi (Closeness with ALLAH Almighty).

As human nature includes an element of strangeness so it can not be perished without splendour of ALLAH Almighty (Tajali-e-Zat-e-Ellahi) and veil of naivety can not be lifted without mystic knowledge of ALLAH Almighty.

At the level of Haqeeqat (knowledge of mystic reality) ALLAH Almighty Himself teaches His devotee Elm-e-La-Dunni (The inspired knowledge) and there he recognises ALLAH Almighty, praises him and worship him with his knowledge as did Hadrat Khizr (blessing be upon him). At this point he visualise Arwah-e-Qudsia (holy spirits) and achieves Mahrifat-e-Nabi (spiritual knowledge of the Holy Prophet (blessing and salutation be upon him)) and all Prophets convey him news of his eternal unification with ALLAH Almighty.

It means that if one adopts Amal-e-Haqeeqat (practices of knowledge of mystic reality) under the watchful eye of a complete Shaikh (Sufi master) in universe of Lahoot (proximity of ALLAH Almighty) he then take him forward towards Yahoot a place where holy spirit of Prophet of ALLAH (Blessing and salutation be upon him) was created from the reflection of illumines of ALLAH Almighty and was the beginning of creation.

Syed Jabber (May ALLAH be pleased with him) has quoted here from Prophet (ALLAH Almighty’s blessing and salutations be upon him): “ALLAH Almighty has created Noor (illumines) of your Prophet before creation of anything”. Entrance in Alam-e-Yahoot is level of Fana-fi-Rasool (extremely in love with Rasool ALLAH (Blessing and salutation be upon him)).

At this level seeker receives the Mahrifat (mystic knowledge) of Prophet of ALLAH (Blessing and salutation be upon him) and then Prophet of ALLAH (Blessing and salutation be upon him) submerges the seeker with his own hands in the river of Saroof (universe of Yahoot) and pass him over onto the level of oneness of ALLAH Almighty, where he becomes Unitarian (person believing in the oneness of ALLAH Almighty):

“My beloved has erased the concept of me and you by giving me the drink of La-Ilaha-Illah-Hoo (there is no deity but ALLAH)”.

He becomes unaware of himself and wherever he looks he sees ALLAH Almighty. Arif-billah (devotees of ALLAH Almighty) does not pay any attention towards anything less then Qurb-e-Ellahi in Lahoot (proximity of ALLAH Almighty). According to them everything from universe of Nasoot (physical universe) to the final stage of Jabroot (sphere of ALLAH Pak’s omnipotent) and Sidrat-ul-Muntaha are merely games and they are linked with creation. These levels and stages are far away from the Creator (ALLAH Almighty).

Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul) says in Ain-ul-Faqr (eye of Faqr):

1. There are 738 million, 300 thousand and thirty one (738,300,031) stages between a person and Qurb-e-Ellahi (proximity of ALLAH Almighty), highest amongst them is Sirr-ul-Ummi, and beyond that is La-Makan (proximity of ALLAH Almighty) but a Faqeer does not consider all these levels more than wing of a mosquito, reason being they have inclination towards the creation (Ain-ul-Faqr).

2. Oh seeker of the mystic knowledge! If fly in air then you are at the stage of a bee. If you walk on water then you are at the stage of a blade of grass. If you are informing people about their destiny by studying Loh-e-mahfooz (the Divine tablets located in the universe of Jabroot) then you are at the level of a fortune teller.

3. The level of Qutab (higher rank on the spiritual pivot) is 70 thousand (70,000) stages beyond Arsh (ALLAH Almighty’s throne) and Ghous (an upper spiritual category) is 70 thousand (70,000) beyond that but these ranks are mean and scanty.

Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul) says in his Punjabi poetry:

Ghous and Qutab will remain here and there but divine lovers go beyond that
Levels of divine lovers are beyond reach and imaginations of Ghous
Divine lovers remain in unification as they reside in La Makan
I sacrifice myself for those O! Hadrat Bahoo who are in proximity of ALLAH Almighty

Allama Iqbal (R.A) regards any level below closeness of ALLAH Almighty as Kufr or infidelity:

1. If this is not infidelity then it is not less then infidelity that a man of truth is captured in the present and existence
2. Infidel is lost in the universe whereas the universe is lost in Momin (person with true belief)
3. Don’t get embroiled in the day and night as your time and space is some where else

Shaikh Syed Abdul Qader Jelani (blessings be upon him) stated that: The one who has not achieved level of unification of ALLAH Almighty through knowledge of reality is not a scholar as he know nothing about reality even though he has studied thousands of books.

Performing physical actions with help of manifest knowledge reaps a reward of Jannat Al-Mawa (heaven), which is mere reflection of attributes of ALLAH Almighty so by merely getting knowledge one can not achieve nearness or proximity of ALLAH Almighty because universe of Lahoot is a place to fly whereas you can not fly without both arms, manifest knowledge and mystical knowledge are two arms which enable knower to dash in Lahoot.

ALLAH Almighty commands in the Hadith Qudsi: “Oh my obedient servant! If you want to enter my sanctuary than don’t pay any attention to Alam-e-Mulk (Worldly life), Alam-e-Malakoot (Angelic World) and Alam-e-Jabroot (Proximity of omnipotent of ALLAH) because Alam-e-Mulk is veil for a learned scholar, Alam-e-Malakoot is veil for the knowledge and Alam-e-Jabroot is a veil for acquaint whoever has chosen anyone got away from nearness of ALLAH Almighty”.

Means they were unable to achieve closeness of ALLAH Almighty but they were not denied from degrees of status i.e. Jannat-ul-Mawa, Jannat-ul-Naeem and Jannat-ul-Firdous. These people do desire closeness of ALLAH but they cannot achieve it as they wished for other then ALLAH Almighty.

People of proximity have achieved thing which neither seen nor heard by anyone and is beyond thoughts of ordinary human and that is Heaven of proximity where there are no women and means of bodily pleasure but only splendour of grace of ALLAH Almighty. A person should recognise his inner-self because whatever he has gained here (in this worldly life) will be hanged to his neck as ALLAH Almighty commands: (Section – 15 Chapter 17- Bani Israel 13) “And we have fastened hanged every person destiny to his neck”.

Therefore human being has to recognise himself and for the sake of Nafs (wicked desires) does not claim something that he is not entitled to. It is important for a religious scholar to groom his soul (Rooh-e-Qudsi) by contemplating Ism-e-ALLAH Zaat under the supervision of Shaikh (Sufi master) and move from the physical universe towards spiritual universe and from there he ascend to world of secrecy as there is nothing but ALLAH almighty, It is like limitless desert of noor (splendour).

Human dash there in form of sacred soul and enjoys its indescribable views. This level is for those true believers of oneness of ALLAH Almighty who have lost themselves in his oneness. Their physical body dilutes when they visualise splendour of ALLAH Almighty and can not see themselves because of amazement and fascination. After manifestations of their sacred soul human crosses the ocean of creation and reaches immortality which is root of spirituality.

Remember all universes are like a droplet in comparison to immorality (Alam-e-Amar). After this knowledge of spirituality and knowledge secrets beneficence activates without sounds or words and ones vision reaches its climax. Therefore it is necessary to strike an accord with visionary and acquires the eye for your Soul from a Shaikh (Sufi master) who is familiar with universe of Lahoot so that, you can benefit from knowledge of proximity of ALLAH almighty and his union. (Sirr-ul-Israr).

The Basis of Practices

(Section 2- Chapter 2 Al-baqara 177) It is not righteousness that you turn your faces Towards east or West; but it is righteousness- to believe in God and the Last Day, and the Angels, and the Book, and the Messengers; to spend of your substance, out of love for Him, for your kin, for orphans, for the needy, for the wayfarer, for those who ask, and for the ransom of slaves; to be steadfast in prayer, and practice regular charity; to fulfill the contracts which ye have made; and to be firm and patient, in pain (or suffering) and adversity, and throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of truth, the God-fearing.

In this verse ALLAH Almighty explains the attributes of true Muslim by saying that success can not be achieved by mere prostrating towards Qibla but by straitening your belief and affections towards ALLAH Almighty and True belief is to believe in ALLAH, day of resurrection, angels, Prophets and his books.

(1) – Faith on ALLAH Almighty should be such in such a way that He one he is Immortal. No one equates or partners Him either in personality or in attributes.
He is wise, well informed, he is listening and watching, he is Almighty and powerful. Infact he is the owner of all of the attributes. He is our owner and he is our sustainer.

He sent us from his majestic palace of closeness towards this physical world and we have to return towards Him. His might has the ownership of everything and he has bestowed us to utilise from his ownership of which we will be questioned about its accountability. There for in every action we will have to incline towards him. Regarding our every need and our desires we have to request him because besides him we have no one who we could turn to in order to sort remedy.

Anyhow regarding resolutions of different maters there are provisions and there is not harm in turning towards them or incline towards them, turning towards is infact turning towards Almighty. For example in order to save your life you would want to turn towards renowned doctor who could treat your ailment. Question is that why don’t you turn towards ALLAH Almighty for the treatment? Simply because ALLAH Almighty has provided you with the provision and you have to utilise it.

The end result, the cure is in hands of ALLAH Almighty. Someone is thirsty and he is about to die with thirst and a glass of water would save his life. Here the glass is provision.

It means that all the time an true faithful will have his sight on ALLAH Almighty in every aspect of ones life and sees the splendour of Almighty’s illumine (Noor) in the deep inner (batan) of everything. Behind every action it must be believed that the true performer is ALLAH Almighty. Opposite thought and trend would be viewed by ALLAH Almighty as a great calamity and that is real shirk (polytheism). In the entire universe there isn’t any existence of partner of ALLAH Almighty.

Almighty’s partner emerges in humans own thought. Where ever ALLAH almighty rejected shirk (polytheism) and he has rejected the human beings this trend because in reality there isn’t any partner of ALLAH Almighty. That is the reason ALLAH Almighty explained time after time: “Oh human why are you making my partners”? Some time you making sun, moon and stars heavenly bodies as my partners.

Where as other times, stones and trees some times animals and sometime humans and statues carved by themselves as my partners. Infact they are all my creations. Because yours such attitude there in no hindrance my divinity but you yourself are the looser so behave yourself from such attitudes.

As a mater of fact the biggest shirk (polytheism) is the nurturing of human beings self ego (self pride) because all the evil is in the creation of (self pride). The same self pride is the Pharaoh that is claiming (Divinity) to be God in their own times. Almighty ALLAH has always punished such Pharaohs of the times.

Few years before the birth of Rasool ALLAH (blessing and salutation be upon him), Abraha named Christian ruler came over with his army of elephants to destroy Kabbah. In those days there were 360 statues placed inside the Kabbah. The pilgrims would worship those statues by encircling the Kabbah stark naked and perform Hajj. When Abraha moved forward with his army to destroy Kabbah, ALLAH Almighty sent a flock of birds with stones of baked clay and he was destroyed alongside his army and yet not touched the statues inside Kabbah. This entire incident is described in the Holy Quran Sura Al feel.

The sole purpose for quoting this incident is that the real enemy and partners of ALLAH Almighty are not statues but, ones own attitude that is represented by his self ego. ALLAH Almighty destroyed the self ego by flock of birds but left the statues despite the fact that Abraha was a believer of ALLAH Almighty and follower of Prophet Christ (blessing be upon him) but he was worshiping his self ego.

If the self ego remains with any person and he enters Haram Kabbah Mosque in form of prayer or pilgrim a person still remains polytheist. Where ever a person is without self ego then he is a believer of divinity.

Haven’t you seen people in congregational prayer and you have seen people around you and you are prostrating and bowing down behind them and others are doing the same behind you, he is not polytheist nor the one who prostrates behind you is a polytheist? Because at that time he does not have anyone other then ALLAH Almighty present in his heart and mind.

Neither the walls and the pillars of the mosque brings any weakness in his belief in the divinity of ALLAH Almighty nor any person could hinder in divinity of Almighty ALLAH because he doesn’t have no one besides ALLAH almighty in his mind and thought. He is the true believer in the Divinity of ALLAH Almighty. ALLAH Almighty commands that where ever you are living keep your heart and mind clear from partners of ALLAH Almighty because the heart of true believer is the throne of ALLAH Almighty.

When the heart and mind of anyone is clear of any form of polytheism, than the environment will not be able to turn him into a polytheist (idolater) whether he is inside or outside the mosque. The dignity of a true faithful is that he could not indulge in polytheism. He never allow any space to the partner of ALLAH Almighty in his mind, that was the reason Rasool ALLAH blessing and salutation be upon him said, “I don’t have any fear for my followers regarding shirk (polytheism)”.

Even after reciting Islamic declaration “There is no deity but ALLAH and Mohammed is his messenger” some one sees any person, tree, statue, location and shrine etc as partners of ALLAH Almighty then it should be understood that he has not yet understood the meaning of the Kalima and he is still an polytheist and polytheist prayers are not accepted.

If the wisdom has recited that there is no one beside ALLAH so what. If you heart and vision is not Muslim then your Islam is of no use.

(2) – Belief on the day of the great calamity in such manner, that ALLAH Almighty has fixed a day when every this will be perished. That day will definitely come on the fixed time. On that day ALLAH Almighty will question his people about the time they have spent on this world. They will be punished for their bad deeds and they will be rewarded for their good deeds.

The sinners will be sent to hell and the pious will go to heavens. In the heavens ALLAH Almighty will allow the residents of heavens to view his Almighty. People will have to cross the pathway to paradise Rasool ALLAH blessing and salutation be upon him will intercede and after them other pious people of ALLAH Almighty will be allowed to intercede according to their stature. Rasool ALLAH (blessing and salutation be upon him) will be distributing water to the fortunate ones from the reservoir of Kauser.

Regarding the events of the day of the great calamity, crossing over the pathway to paradise and drinking from the reservoir of Kauser are described in the Holy Quran and other holy scriptures as well as mentioned by Rasool ALLAH (blessing and salutation be upon him) and other Prophets is all true and accurate.

(3) – Belief in angels in such manner that they are the obedient illuminating creation of Almighty Among them there are no gender indifference. ALLAH Almighty knows their quantity. There are always involved in praising his Almighty and obeying the orders of his Almighty. Among them the four are Arc angels and they are the leaders of all the angels, Gabriel, Mekaiel, Israfel and Izraiel (blessing be upon them).

(4) – Faith upon the holy books and statements which were revealed by ALLAH Almighty in order to guide and reform the mankind and that they are all true and accurate among them are the four main books and they are Tauret Sharif (Taurah) revealed to Hadrat Mussa (Moses)blessing be upon him, Zaboor (Psalms) on Hadrat Daoud (David – blessing and salutation be upon him, Anjeel (Bible) on Prophet Christ blessing be upon him and the Holy Quran on Holy Prophet Mohammed blessing be upon him.

Besides them fifty statements on Hadrat Sheesh (blessing be upon him) thirty statements on Hadrat Idrees blessing be upon him, ten on Hadrat Ibrahim blessing be upon him and ten on Hadrat Adam blessing be upon him.

(5) – The belief on the all of the Prophets are sent by ALLAH Almighty, there are innocent, they have not committed any sins. There true number is known to ALLAH Almighty. Among them are 313 Prophets (those Prophets had books revealed to them) all of the Prophets (Nabi) and Rasools were males and none of them were females and the last of them all were Hadrat Mohammed blessing and salutation be upon him.

There wasn’t any Prophet or any Prophet after them. All of the commands brought by Hadrat Mohammed blessing and salutation be upon him were True. All those things that were ordered to carryout by not obeying them is sin and rejecting them is infidelity and those things that were forbidden for us carrying them out is sin and carrying out as contradiction of the order is infidelity.

After the belief, love of ALLAH Almighty has such power that you are able to resist any pain and hardship you suffer on his path and human being goes through any obstacle of test laughingly. The heart that contains passion for love of ALLAH Almighty, in such heart it is impossible for anything else to be there.

That is the reason ALLAH Almighty tests a (Momin) true believer with sacrifice of life and wealth. Almighty ALLAH would like to see that weather the (Momin) who claims to be in love with me wants to go as far as belief or would he like to enter the valley of love and affection and sacrifice every worldly material in favour of love of ALLAH Almighty. But lover of ALLAH Almighty would chant ALLAH is the ultimate and everything else is greed.

Hadrat Sultan Bahoo (Allah bless his soul) said in his Punjabi poetry:

Every one seeks the safety of belief but few ask the safety of love
Asking for belief and shying from the love my heart felt ashamed
Levels where love can take you belief is not aware of them
Keep my love safe Ya Hadrat Bahoo leave the belief on the side

Therefore after mentioning belief there are verses about spending on the path of ALLAH: “If there is a truth in your claim of faith than spend your dear wealth in my Love on kindred and orphans, and the needy and the wayfarer and the baggers and for redeeming necks (freeing slaves)”.

The point to consider is that the wealth you spent for the love of ALLAH Almighty should only be for the love of ALLAH Almighty and not for the name or fame or even to place someone under obligation, reward or for hypocrisy or for business.

This is not trade this is worship of ALLAH Oh unaware let go of desire of reward

After the faith and love there is mention of humble deeds and is said that the demand of faith and loves is that lower your head in front of my Almighty and perform prayers and give Zakat (Islamic taxation) and when you promise someone you fulfill it because those who do not honour their promises  are not allegeable for my proximity besides that during the hardship you face during Jihad resort to patience.

Solid belief, good deeds and love are the victors of the world these are ammunition of men towards jihad of life.

It should be remembered that patience has three conditions.

(1) – Abandon complaints, such as the difficulties and hardship you face on the path of ALLAH Almighty you don’t utter a word or react in such a manner that could be viewed by others as complaining about ALLAH Almighty because everything is from ALLAH Almighty.

(2) – Accept the destiny Any difficulties and hardship you face on the path of ALLAH Almighty you view them as destined by ALLAH Almighty and accept them happily and not to bring a word of complaint on to you tongue.

(3) – Sincerity and pleasure One must try to strive on the path of ALLAH Almighty sincerely with pleasure.
In essence these are the four actions for the success in the holy court of ALLAH Almighty, Faith, Love of ALLAH, pious deeds and struggle with sincere intentions and patience.

ALLAH Almighty awards all of us with this grace, Amen.

Allama Iqbal (R.A) says:

The morning breeze gave me this message
That the stage for scholars of self realisation is kingdom
Your life is with it and your honour is with it
If selfishness is left there is no kingdom but humiliation
Either you are Arab or non Arab La-e-Laha-Illa
Is senseless If you heart does not bear witness to its meanings
People of Madrasa (religious schools) have throttled you
Where is the call “there is no deity but ALLAH” could come from?
You are lost in your self try to find ALLAH O negligent!
This is the only way out for you
Find the saying of your heart from a dervish who is on the floor
My ALLAH inform you about your real position
These Madrasa and shrines saddened me
No life, no love, no knowledge of ALLAH, no vision
Miracles of Faqr are crowns, throne and solders
Faqr is the leader of the leaders and Faqr is the king of the kings
Purpose of the education is piety of mind and intellect
Purpose of the Faqr is the chastity of heart and vision
Education is scholar and scientist, Faqr is Christ and Moses
Education is the pointer of the path and the Faqr is the familiar of the path
Faqr is the level of vision and Faqr is the awareness
Intoxication is reward in Faqr, Intoxication is sin in education
Existence of knowledge is different then the existence of Faqr
I bear witness that there is no one beside him, I bear witness that there is no one beside him
When the sword of self realisation is sharpened on the sharpener of Faqr
Then one strike of a solder would finish the army
If your heart gets life in this dust
Then your vision will shatter the mirror of love and loonier