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Spiritual Delegations

Allah has ordained in the Holy Book: “There should be a group among you who invites people to do good, exhorts them to Allah’s recognition and prohibits them from wrongdoings. They are the righteous people.” The Holy Prophet as well as other Prophets spent their lives in spreading the message “Run towards Allah.” All the Prophets including the Holy Prophet endured uncountable woes and worries while performing this sacred duty. With the Holy Prophet the institution of Prophethood came to an end. Afterwards, the message was spread by the Holy Caliphs, Holy Companions, Holy Family Members and subsequently by saints and mystics. There is no doubt in the fact that Islam, since its beginning till today, spread because of preaching as well as practical demonstration. Hence inviting people towards Allah is our religious duty.

When Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali founded Islahee Jamaat & Aalmi Tanzeem ul Arifeen, he selected a few among hundreds thousands devotees of Darbar Hadrat Sultan Bahoo. He designed specific curriculum for them. After properly guiding them, he formed different preaching delegations, gave them white turbans of peace, inspired them with the motivation of action and sent them to general public with the message of invitation towards Allah and reformation of human society. He gradually increased their numbers. Presently, by the grace of Almighty, such preachers of Islahee Jamaat & Aalmi Tanzeem ul Arifeen are performing the sacred duty in Pakistan as well as many other countries. Consequently, with the blessings of Allah hundreds of thousands people are following Allah’s path with their actions and deeds due to the Jamaat.

All men and women who complete curriculum of Islahee Jamaat & Aalmi Tanzeem ul Arifeen are called Sadr instead of Ameer or Mobaligh. Sadr means a person whose heart is blessed with the Divine Light of Quran, Sunnah and Allah’s remembrance. Delegations comprising at least four Sadrs are formed and sent to mosques, markets and other public places where they, as per Allah’s injunctions, invite people towards virtue and good, exhort them towards Allah’s recognition, forbid them from wrongdoing and tell people that Allah’s path is the right path.