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Annual Programs

People belonging to different communities and schools of thought worldwide have been organizing various congregations in their centers wherein people associated with a community or ideology participate. In these congregations, thoughts and ideologies of that community are discussed, explained and analyzed. Besides, future course of action is deliberated and pledges for fulfillment of its objectives are renewed.

Following this tradition, various events in remembrance of different occasions of lives of almost all mystics and notables of Islam are held. Such events are usually known as Urs or by suchlike titles. Fall being confronted by the Muslim Ummah for the last two centuries has also rendered such events as mere rituals as the congregations being held in the name of notables of Islam have become fun gatherings instead of message of peace, love and stability for humanity. However, the founder of Islahee Jamaat & Aalmi Tanzeem ul Arifeen, due to his revolutionary thoughts, has attempted to liberate such occasions from being mere rituals and turn them into events for revival of thoughts of Muslim notables and fulfillment of objectives of his movement. He promoted the thought that if such congregations are void of noble and lofty actions and invitation towards the same, then these become devoid of Allah’s blessings and bliss.

Islahee Jamaat & Aalmi Tanzeem ul Arifeen holds its annual as well as other congregations for revival of message of Muslim notables and saints of global peace and stability for humanity. These congregations are attended by hundreds of thousands of people world over.