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About Us

"There should be a group among you who invites people to virtues, and preach them for the recognition (of Allah)." (Qura'n, Aal-e-Imran 104)

The Founder

Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali (r.a)

Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali
(Allah bless his soul)

Numerous people came in this world, performed extra-ordinary deeds for the betterment of humanity. After passing away, they were remembered for the welfare acts, which they performed. Nonetheless, there are a few chosen ones who did such revolutionary and reformative actions in religious, social and political spheres, whose influence would remain untarnished till the end. Some selected and blessed souls were sent only for the guidance of human beings.

The Organization

Islahee Jamaat wa Aalme Tanzeem ul Arifeen

THUS! The birth of Islam in the Sub-continent is undoubtedly because of the Muslim traders but it owes its growth and maturity to the untiring efforts of the saints who won the hearts of the Indians because of their lofty and majestic characters.

The Chairperson

Hadrat Sultan Muhammad  Ali

Sultan Muhammad Ali
The Chairperson Islahee Jammat

Hazrat Sultan Muhammad Ali received early education in Jhang. Afterwards he remained with his father and spiritual mentor Hazrat Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali for spiritual guidance. Sultan ul Faqr Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Asghar Ali, 08 months and 13 days prior to his passing away, nominated his eldest son Hadrat Sultan Muhammad Ali as his successor and also put on his shoulders the responsibility of leading the Jamaat and all its subsidiaries.

Mission and Objectives

The founder laid the foundation of the Jamaat on his universal outlook and philosophy to attain:

  • Betterment of Humanity through Individual Reformation
  • Stability of Pakistan
  • Unity of Muslim Ummah